Message from the board of Directors

We founded Sparkle Zone Education with the aim of providing high-quality online learning for students preparing for international examinations (Cambridge/Edexcel/AQA/IB). Ourselves being educators training and coaching students for international examinations and qualifications for the past few decades. We witnessed a shift in learning modes and requirements. We have seen and heard from parents and students alike the trouble they go through finding a proper educator/tutor. Some fall into many problems when their educator is not well versed with the curriculum being tested. Some of these issues are realized much later, which cost time, money, and hopes of both parents and students alike.

We decided to take a step forward and provide a one-stop solution for all these, that’s the birth of ‘Sparkle Zone Education’. The inception of Sparkle Zone Education was done with the hope of providing STEM/STEAM education on a proper footing. As STEAM education goes far beyond robotics, innovation, and coding courses offered by various organizations far and wide. The truest aim of STEAM educational framework is to develop 21st century skills in the learners. Problem-solving, creativity being the top skills. We were planning to launch our STEAM programme with a series of workshops for students in 2020, but due to the pandemic, we had to postpone. As an organization Sparkle Zone believes in adaptability and innovation as its core values.

We started off operations by providing laboratory experiment sessions and revision classes in a physical setting. The feedback from parents and students was immensely positive, it was their encouragement that carried us forth. 

With covid restrictions being relaxed we slowly shifted to in-person teaching as we found it is more effective and impactful on our students. Our classroom facility which began operations in March 2022 is equipped with multimedia and laboratory facilities that allow us to create a well-rounded learning experience for students.

“Quality is our priority”

We invite you to entrust your child’s education needs to our hands.

Management Team

Mrs. Thusharie Attidiya

Director\ Chemistry Teacher
Tel: +94 773075831
A graduate Chemist from The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon with over 25 years of committed service to the field of education in K-12 international schools both locally and abroad. As an educationist, her experience spans a wide range of international curriculums including Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, AQA, and IB. An educator in the truest sense, she has assumed leadership roles in academia, education management, and popularising science.
As one of the founding directors of Sparkle Zone Education, She is a well-known chemistry teacher, with a proven track record of excellent results.

Mr. Vidujith Vithanage

Director\Physics Teacher
Tel: +94 710733157
A physicist with over 15 years of service in the field of education in a diverse range of international schools in the island. Holds a bachelor’s degree from the Open University of Sri Lanka and reading for his Masters in Education at Lincoln University College Malaysia. Within relatively a short span of his career, he has gained experience in a variety of international curriculums, including Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, AQA, and IB. A passionate educator and a popularizer of science, who has consistently rendered service as a leader in a range of co-curricular events.
As one of the founding directors, His teaching style is thought-provoking and examination oriented, which has resulted in the success of his students over the years.